Unlock £10k matched funding!

A donor has generously agreed to match the next £10,000 of new donations to Fund St Matthew’s!

All new or increased donations – both one-off and recurring – received after 1st October 2023 will qualify for match funding, until we reach a total of £10k matched.

The small print

If you are wondering exactly how this works: the matching is not based on individual donations, because we do not track them individually. Instead, we will take the amount we receive each month, subtract a baseline amount we expected to receive without this campaign, and treat everything above that baseline as the “new donations” amount that qualifies for matching. Based on the median monthly donated for the previous 12 months, with outliers (>£2k) from one-off large donations, excluded, the baseline we are using for this campaign is £1060 each month. Everything above that amount will be matched until the match pot is exhausted.