Urgent Update on School Funding

School funding this year is once again not keeping up with significant increases in costs that schools face.  Funding for St Matthew’s has fallen in real terms again this year.  The school has made many cuts and efficiencies in response to years of underfunding, but there are limits to how much can be cut without impacting our children’s education.

Immediate Need for Increased Funding

Fund St Matthew’s is a campaign run by the PTA to raise funds for the school. While Fund St Matthew’s aims to focus on long-term projects, the current necessity is to use donations to prevent further reductions in what the school can provide. Over the past two years, contributions through Fund St Matthew’s have supported essential services like IT, mental health, and music programmes. However, more support is urgently needed to maintain these and other crucial areas.

Please give monthly if you can

We are asking for your support to help maintain the high standards of education and enrichment at St Matthew’s Primary School. A regular monthly donation from those who are able would make a significant difference:

£10 per month could allow us to continue providing music and mental health programs, and maintain other enrichment activities.

£100 per month, or more, from some families could enable us to not only sustain but also enhance these vital services and help provide additional teaching assistant time.

One-off donations are also welcome and will be put to good use, but regular donations – or larger lump sums – better help us fund ongoing needs.

Or donate your time

If you can’t give money but can give time then the school and PTA have many volunteering opportunities which help the school. Please let the PTA know if this is you.

Find out more about the PTA at stmatthewspta.org.uk

Thank you

We remain hopeful for increased government funding in the coming years. Once funding improves, Fund St Matthew’s will shift its focus back to long-term improvements rather than day-to-day operational needs.

Please consider setting up a monthly donation if you can. Every contribution, large or small, makes a difference.

Thank you for your continued support of our school community.

£10k donations matched

In September 2023 we launched a match funding campaign, thanks to a generous parent donor who provided a £10k matching fund.

We’re pleased to announce that, as of April 2024, £10k of new donations – above our ‘baseline’ of £1,060 per month – have now been made, unlocking the full £10k matching, allowing us to continue to support the school during another period of insufficient budgets.

Thank you to everyone who donated, including our match funding donor.

1,000 people joined the Cambridge march to protest against school funding cuts

Here is some of the media coverage of our 1st April march against school funding cuts:

Time lapse video

Video showing size of march

ITV News Anglia report

BBC Look East (West) News report  (7 mins in)

Interview with St. Matthew’s headmaster Mr Davies (skip to 1 hour 5 mins 55 seconds)

Cambridge News report

Varsity news report

Children’s speeches

Cambridge Independent

Other photos and videos can be found in the Fund Our Schools Facebook group