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Welcome to Fund St Matthew’s

Fund St. Matthew’s is a fundraising campaign to support St. Matthew’s Primary School in Cambridge, UK.

Total donated so far: £76,329.03 (updated 1st Sept 2021)


The campaign was created in March 2019 in response to a £60,000 reduction in the school’s funding  for the 2019-20 financial yearAlongside campaigning for the cuts to be reversed, many parents, carers and families wanted to donate to help St Matthew’s ‘fill the shortfall’ and minimise the impact of the cuts on the teaching and support it provides. Our goal was to fill the £60,000 shortfall.

We are thrilled to announce that  the £60,000 target was reached in December 2020!

Headteacher Mr Davies holding cheque from the shortfall campaign“I really can’t thank parents and carers enough… This has made a huge difference to the school over the last year… Because of this money, we have been able to employ teaching assistants to support children’s learning, and confidently make decisions such as our recent investment in Chromebooks for teaching computing.” – Tony Davies (Headteacher)

What happens next?

St Matthew’s funding has increased since that terrible cut (partly thanks to the protests many of you participated in), but funds are still tight, especially with extra costs due to Covid-19.

Many of you may want to continue (or start) to donate to support the school. We continue to collect donations from those who wish to donate, and pass them to the school. It is up to the school to decide how they are spent. If necessary, they will be used to fill gaps in essential provision. Otherwise, the school will use them to enrich and improve the school.

As of autumn 2021, projects that the school is hoping to fund with your donations include Chromebooks (laptops), library books, and covered outdoor eating space by the lunch hall. 

How can I donate?

If you have a regular donation set up and wish to continue it, you do not need to do anything. To find out how to end or change a regular donation, see Donating FAQ

To make a new donation:


How much are people donating?

People are giving various amounts, ranging from £5 to £100 per month. Please only give what you can afford.

The chart below shows the total amount donated each month so far:

Please add your regular or one-off donation if you would like to support the school.