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Welcome to Fund St Matthew’s

Fund St. Matthew’s is a fundraising campaign to support St. Matthew’s Primary School in Cambridge, UK.

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Total donated so far: £131,208.85

 (as of 28th Feburary 2023)

What for?

Your donations will fund facilities that will benefit the school and its pupils for years to come, but which are difficult to fund from the school’s core budget.

The projects that will initially be funded are:

  • Funded15 Chromebooks, so the school has a set on each floor.

  • FundedOutdoor learning equipment for year 2, similar to the successful year 1 outdoor areas. 

  • FundedNew carpet for the relocated and remodelled library (cost split 50/50 between Fund St Matthew’s funds and normal PTA funds raised from events)
  • Funded Laptop to allow SEN (Special Education Needs) assessments to continue
  • Creating a covered area outside the dining hall, so children can eat outside for more of the year. This has been on the school’s wish list for many years, and we hope to finally make it happen this school year.
  • Playground enhancements to enable different types of play

We have lots more ideas in the pipeline for more projects once all those are funded, including arts, music and ‘greening’ areas of the playground. Your ideas are also welcome. We also need volunteers to help design and deliver these projects. Please contact us on info@fundstmatthews.com if you are interested.

Can you help?

To donate, visit the Donate page.

If you already have a regular donation set up and want to change it, see the  Donating FAQ


What’s the history of this campaign?

The campaign was created in March 2019 in response to a £60,000 reduction in the school’s funding  for the 2019-20 financial year. Alongside campaigning for the cuts to be reversed, many parents, carers and families wanted to donate to help St Matthew’s ‘fill the shortfall’ and minimise the impact of the cuts on the teaching and support it provides. Our goal was to fill the £60,000 shortfall.

We met our original £60,000 in December 2020. Since then parents have continued to donate to support the school. 

The first £60,000 was used to fill the shortfall from budget cuts the school faced in 2019-20. Now that the government funding cuts have been reversed, the school has decided that funds raised beyond this first £60,000 will be used to fund capital projects that will have a lasting impact but are hard to fund from the school’s main budget. You can see recent items funded in the News section 

How much are people donating?

People are giving various amounts, ranging from £5 to £100 per month, or considerably more in some cases. We are hoping the donation matching scheme will unlock more/higher donations and enable more ambitious projects to be funded to improve our school. Please only give what you can afford.

The chart below shows the total amount donated each month so far:

Chart showing monthly donations

Please add your regular or one-off donation if you would like to support the school. 

For all enquiries, you are very welcome to email us at info@fundstmatthews.com