Problems or questions? Check our donating FAQ.

Your donation is to St. Matthew’s PTA (Parent Teacher Association), a registered charity. Donations received in this way are ring-fenced and are either passed directly to the school or (if the school prefers) held by the PTA and used to purchase or commission improvements. The school is always involved in deciding how to spend the money donated. The projects previously and currently being funded, and the total raised so far, are listed on the Home page.

While one-off donations are welcome, we hope you will consider setting up a recurring donation. This gives the school a more predictable stream of donations.

Donations will be kept anonymous (your name will not be made public) as long as you ‘Hide your name from public view’ if you choose to ‘Add a message of support’ during the JustGiving process.


Donations via CAF and JustGiving can attract Gift Aid. If you are a higher rate (40%)  tax payer you can also claim back additional tax on donations in your tax return.

Pay As You Earn

You could also enquire about payroll giving via your employer. Our Charity Registration No is 288436. Please email us if you set this up so we know whether to allocate your donation to this campaign or general PTA funds.

Donation matching

A generous parent donor has agreed to match all new or increased donations from October 2023, up to a total of £10,000. Progress towards this goal will be posted on the Home page. You can read more about how this works in our news item.

Any questions, feedback or help with donating:

You can see how much we have raised so far on the Home page