Please make your donation at JustGiving by clicking the button below.

While one-off donations are welcome, we hope you will consider setting up a recurring donation. This gives the school a more predictable stream of donations.

Problems or questions? Check our donating FAQ.

How much are people donating?

People are giving various amounts, ranging from £10 to £100 per month, or considerably more in some cases. Please only give what you can afford.


If you are a UK Taxpayer then please add GiftAid to your donation. Your donation will be topped up by 25% of reclaimed tax. If you are a higher rate (40%) tax payer you can also claim back additional tax on donations in your tax return.

Pay As You Earn

You could also enquire about payroll giving via your employer. Our Charity Registration No is 288436. Please email us if you set this up so we know whether to allocate your donation to this campaign or general PTA funds.

Any questions, feedback or help with donating: