Donating FAQ

Donating Frequently Asked Questions

What are the options for donating?

You can donate in two main ways both via Just Giving:

  • Direct Debit – for monthly donations.
  • By credit/debit card – for one off donations.

These will both be processed by Just Giving so will appear on you bank statements as them.

Historically we have used CAF to perform direct debits but now we recommend doing these through Just Giving as well.

How will my donation be used?

Your donation is to St. Matthew’s PTA (Parent Teacher Association), a registered charity. Donations received for this campaign are ring-fenced and are either passed directly to the school or (if the school prefers) held by the PTA and used to purchase or commission improvements. The school is always involved in deciding how to spend the money donated.

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How can I check, change  or cancel a regular donation?

For JustGiving: log in to JustGiving and visit monthly donations in your Account information.

For Direct Debits via CAF: please contact us on (or contact CAF directly).

What fees are deducted?

JustGiving only charge a 5% admin fee from any GiftAid claimed (not the whole donation).

JustGiving will invite you to contribute an additional amount (tip) to them to keep their platform running, but this is optional – you can set the amount to zero by choosing a custom amount.

CAF charge 2% of the total.

Can I donate anonymously?


For JustGiving, just tick ‘Hide my name from public view‘ in the ‘Add a message of support’ section of the donation process. Your name will not be displayed on our JustGiving page and we do not believe JustGiving will make it available to the PTA either. (If they do, we will keep your donation confidential).

For CAF, your donation is never public. The Fund St Matthew’s fundraising administrator will be able to see some details of your donation, but we will keep this confidential.

Will you/the PTA see my credit card details?

No. Card donations are processed by JustGiving.

Can I claim GiftAid?

If you are a UK taxpayer you can add GiftAid to your donations when using the above links. Donations are made to the St Matthew’s PTA, a registered charity, which gives the money to the school. If you are a higher-rate tax payer you can claim additional relief in your tax return.

For a monthly donation, when are the payments taken?

When creating the Direct Debits you can choose during the donation process what day of the month. The first payment will be at least 10 days from when you set up your Direct Debit.

Who do I contact for more help or information?

Please email and we will try to help.