Donating FAQ

Donating Frequently Asked Questions

What are the options for donating?

You can donate in two main ways:

  1. Direct Debit (taken monthly from your bank account). This can be set up online via CAF , or you can ask one of the organisers for a paper Direct Debit form to complete.
  2. By credit/debit card – either one-off, or setting up a recurring monthly donation. This is done via JustGiving.

How exactly do I donate by card?

  1. Click this link: Donate with JustGiving (this link opens in a new tab, so you can refer back to these instructions)
  2. Choose ‘Monthly’ or ‘Single’ (one-off donation)
  3. Choose one of the suggested amounts (per month, if you chose Monthly), or enter your own amount.
  4. On the next page, login to JustGiving using Facebook, an existing JustGiving account, or use the ‘Sign up’ link near the bottom to create a new JustGiving account.
  5. Confirm if you are eligible for Gift Aid
  6. If you see the ‘Your message’ page, please enter a message to encourage others to donate, but tick ‘Hide my name from public view‘ below your message to stay anonymous.
  7. Enter payment details.
  8. On the confirmation page, if you weren’t already given the chance to add a message, you can click ‘Add a message of support’ now. Don’t forget to tick ‘Hide my name from public view‘ below your message, to stay anonymous.
  9. Confirm your donation. 

How do I know whether my donation was successful?

You should receive a confirmation email from JustGiving (immediately) or CAF (within a few days). For monthly JustGiving donations, you will receive an email each time a payment is taken.

You can also log in to JustGiving and visit My Donations where you can generate a list of all your JustGiving donations. If you have queries about your CAF Direct Debit, you can email us on, or contact CAF.

What are JustGiving’s fees?

JustGiving have recently reduced their fees! There is a small credit card processing fee (1.9%) but nothing else deducted from the main part of your donation. A 5% admin fee is deducted from any GiftAid claimed.

JustGiving may ask if you want to add a voluntary donation to cover costs. This goes to JustGiving and is entirely optional. St Matthew’s will benefit most if you increase your main donation rather than adding the voluntary addition.

What are CAF’s fees for Direct Debit donations?

2% of the total

Can I donate anonymously?


For JustGiving, just tick ‘Hide my name from public view‘ in the ‘Add a message of support’ section of the donation process. Your name will not be displayed on our JustGiving page and we do not believe JustGiving will make it available to the PTA either. (If they do, we will keep your donation confidential).

For CAF, your donation is never public. The Fund St Matthew’s fundraising administrator will be able to see some details of your donation, but we will keep this confidential.

Will you/the PTA see my credit card details?

No. The donation is processed by JustGiving. We do not have access to your payment information.

Is the payment secure?

Yes. The whole donation process is handled by JustGiving using a secure connection to your browser.  The website is not involved in the donation process.

Can I claim GiftAid?

If you are a UK taxpayer you can add GiftAid to your donations when using the above links. Donations are made to the St Matthew’s PTA, a registered charity, which gives the money to the school.

For a monthly donation, when are the payments taken?

For JustGiving regular donations, the first donation is taken immediately. Subsequent donations are taken on the day of the month you choose when setting up the donation.

For Direct Debits, you can choose during the donation process between 1st and 15th of the month. The first payment will be at least 10 days from when you set up your Direct Debit.

How can I change  or cancel a regular donation?

For JustGiving: log in to JustGiving and visit recurring donations in your Account information.

For Direct Debits via CAF: please contact us on (or contact CAF directly).

Can I donate by Direct Debit rather than repeating card payment?

Yes, you can do this via CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) – click here! Please note that on your bank statements the donations will appear only as ‘Charity Donation’, because they are processed by CAF and not by St. Matthew’s PTA directly.

Who do I contact for more help or information?

Please email and we will try to help.