September 2020 update

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you probably know, last year St. Matthew’s parents launched a fund-raising effort to cover the shortfall in funding that St. Matthew’s received in 2019-20. Many of you have generously supported this effort.

In August we received £2,410, bringing the total donated so far to £53,184, all of which has been passed to the school. This is AMAZING! We and the school are very thankful for your donations, which have helped avoid cuts to teaching and support, to the benefit of all children in the school, especially the most vulnerable. 

We continue to raise funds towards our original target of £60k (the funding cut that St. Matthew’s received), which we expect to reach in December, and hope you can continue to donate. New donors are very welcome.

We will let you know as soon as we reach the £60k target. Donations after that point will continue to be passed to the school to use as needed, as many of you may want to continue to support the school financially. Although the school’s funding per pupil has increased this year compared to last year, it is still at the minimum allowed level, and the school has lost a large chunk of income due to being unable to rent out its facilities due to Covid-19.

with thanks, Seb, Marcus, Donna & other parents
on behalf of Fund St. Matthew’s!