We believe each child in this country is entitled to a properly-funded education. Many parents at St Matthew’s expressed a desire to protest against the £60,000 budget cut our school is faced.

Here is the original text for the April 2019 protest:

We are going to march to the Guildhall on April Fool’s Day to highlight the “foolish” funding cuts schools, including St Matthew’s, are suffering and to demand more money for education from local and central government.

“Don’t take us for fools! We deserve a properly funded education!” the children will shout, after meeting at Reality Checkpoint on Parker’s Piece at 4pm on Monday April 1st 2019.

Along with parents, teachers, councillors and celebrities, the children are being invited to dress up as fantasy characters from their favourite TV shows and books, to encourage politicians to stop living in a fantasy land and face up to the reality of what school funding cuts mean for children.

Children are also welcome to bring along toys and musical instruments to make as much noise as possible, and to create their own banners protesting the cuts. Afterwards we will congregate at the Guildhall and expect to be there by 4.45pm.

This protest march is part of a wider plan to connect with a growing national campaign against school cuts that is being organised by politicians such as Jess Phillips. We are in contact with Jess, and are also getting involved with the organisation SchoolCuts and others. We will update parents with more details about how to get involved in the national campaign as soon as we can.

Please join us on the march on Monday 1st April 2019 at 4pm on Parker’s Piece.

If possible please let us know if you planning to attend the march by indicating your attendance of the Facebook ‘Event ‘, to help us plan.

You can keep up date date with the protests by: