School Projects Funded 2023

In 2023, the school was plunged into a budgetary crisis, mainly due to rising staff costs (without corresponding government funding) and energy prices. Mr Davies asked the PTA and this campaign to fund a series of budget items that he considers important to maintain, but which were at risk of being cut due to a budget deficit.

ItemApprox cost (£k)
Renewing the lease on the school’s Chromebooks (the ones that pre-date the set bought by this fund in 2021-228.0
Counselling services8.5
Music therapy1.6
Pupil Premium places in clubs and trips4.5
Phonics teaching programme to replace withdrawn scheme13
Music programme for all pupils (rotates across year groups)12
Less £11,000 funded by the PTA from core PTA funds (raised from events)36.6

Thanks to generous donations, including £8,000 raised from the Colour Run in summer 2023, we have now fully funded these items!

Now the deficit projects are funded, we expect donations will once again be used for “school enhancement” projects. These include creating a covered area outside the dining hall, so children can eat outside for more of the year and playground enhancements to enable different types of play. We will use donations to support the school in the way that we (PTA Trustees and school management) believe is most helpful, so should a renewed funding crisis occur, donations could be used to support more essential services.