In principle, we believe the government should fund schools properly to provide our children with an education.

But since 2010, school budgets have been reduced in real terms by 8% and now our own school is facing a £60,000 reduction in its budget next year. We feel we cannot stand by and watch as teachers and children at our outstanding school are forced to bear the brunt of funding cuts and we do not want the education of pupils at St Matthew’s to suffer as a result of these cuts.

If you feel the same, please consider making an anonymous monthly donation to a ‘Funding Shortfall Fund’ that will be ring-fenced by the PTA, a registered charity, for the school exclusively to use to plug its funding gap.

As a rule of thumb, donating £10 a month for a year could pay the wages of a teaching assistant for approximately 1.5 days a year.

Donating £20 a month for 12 months could help the school teach maths for six months. Alternatively, it could be used to fund the entire budget for a curriculum area for two months.

Donating £50 a month for a year could fund all the stationary and miscellaneous resources that an entire year group needs for five months. Alternatively, it could pay for the many assessments children with special educational needs and disabilities need for an entire year.

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Problems or questions? Check our donating FAQ.

Please ‘Add a message of support’ during the donation process (to encourage others to donate), but tick ‘Hide your name from public view‘ to stay anonymous. Donations made via JustGiving can attract Gift Aid. You could also enquire about payroll giving from your employer. The Charity Registration No is 288436.

One-off donations from parents, carers, grandparents and alumni are also welcome but to provide the school with security, we are very much hoping most parents and carers will choose to make an anonymous monthly donation.

Any questions, feedback or help with donating:

How much should I give?

This is not an easy question to answer. There are approximately 700 children in the school. Approximately 100 children receive the pupil premium.

Compared to this year, St Matthew’s will see a reduction in its of funding of £60,000 next year.

However, according to, St Matthew’s will see an estimated £117,556 reduction in its annual budget by 2020 in real terms (compared to 2015). 

This is the reality of the situation the school is in. We hope this information will enable you to make an informed choice about how much to give, if you can afford to do so.

Donate via JustGiving